Movies in the Park- Whale Rider

An outdoor cinema set amongst the eucalyots of Holden Street Reserve.

"Whale Rider," winner of Sundance and Toronto Film Festival awards, tells of a young girls challenge for recognition in a traditional Maori community. Visually beautiful, emotionally powerful, delightful and gripping. This movie will take you on a quite magical journey with whales, traditional culture and the wonders of the New Zealand coastline.

Bring a picnic and enjoy sunset in the park.

Saturday 27 February 8.00- 10.30pm

Fee: Free

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The Good, Bad and Ugly

Garden pests and diseases- how to spot and treat the nasties and how the good guys can help.

Pests and diseases can quickly devastate a garden, leaving nothing but sick or dead plants in their wake. This workshop covers the nasties to look out for and how to treat them. You will also meet some of the good guys, who are not always attractive but can work wonders for you. This workshop will have a combination of theory and hands on, with noes provided. Facilitated by Stu Burns, from the Garden Doctor, with 15 years experience teaching plant science and horticulture at Burnley College and TAFE.

Saturday 20 February 10.00am- 12.00pm

Fee: $10

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Edible Weeds

Learn where local edible weeds are found, how they are prepared and their nutritional properties.

A fascinating exploration of the most common edible weeds of Melbourne- a source of valuable and nutritious fresh food. Learn where to find dandelion, sow thistle, mallow, oxalis, wild onions, puslane, stinging nettle and many more. Find out about their nutritional and medicinal properties and how to prepare them.  A dynami presentation by  Doris Pozzi, author of Edible Weeds and Garden Plants of Melbourne, with 25 years experience of foraging, researching and presenting

Tuesday 23 February 7.00- 9.00pm

Fee: $15

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